3D Architectural Visualization

3 Skills to be a Successful 3D Architectural Renderer:

3D architectural visualization This will help and give you some tips on how to communicate with your client without even saying a word and how to be a successful 3D Architectural Renderer..

Basically, it’s pretty simple and it’s just something you do all the time.

First, we should know what is 3D Architectural Visualization..
What is Architectural Visualization?

Visualization is the process of running through scenarios in your mind, actually visualizing the events and your role within them and mentally enacting them.

Architectural visualization is the process of creating imagery that accurately reflects the planned environment before the construction begins. Before you can make a good 3D Architectural Rendering you have to visualize first on how the plan goes.

1. Use Your Imagination!

The only way to make a plan more realistic was done through an architect’s interpretation of the plan that the clients wants to have. In other words, you have to “Picture out!”, and that’s the only key and that’s the most important aspects inorder to have a successful project. And this shows that you and your client understand each other which shows that you communicate well to your client without even explaining, just keep in mind that you are bound to impress them! Most people cannot remember reality exactly as it is and recreate it directly from the mind. Expose yourself to the different styles and themes of the type of work you are doing.

2. Be the One!

You should be the one to control your renderings not the tools you are using. You should visualize the outcome of what you are doing. There are some instances that you are tired of thinking on how to have a good rendering, when that time comes you cannot concentrate or or focus anymore. Just be patient and remember “Let the tools be the helper and your mind will be the organizer.”

3. Practice to Perfection

Compare your work with works that you consider to be better or worse then yours and seek ways to match or improve it. Train your mind everyday, this way would gradually improve your skills subconsciously. Challenge yourself constantly and be extremely critical of your work.

Spent 15 minutes every day doing this simple imagining or “daydreaming” you would be on the effortless road to accomplishments on making a good renderings and not just that but also in your goals in life?

It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? So in all in all, your investments and success are just in your mind.

Better use it..


3D Architectural Rendering: “Realistic Outcome”

Making Future, Present..

architectural-13It’s very obvious that developers these days are broadly in need of realistic and highly professional visualizations to achieve marketing goals effectively. Don’t wade instead, make sure you present your project in the most frugal, realistic way. There are some clients that are lackadaisical when they don’t like it, or they just show antipathy of the outcome. In terms of spending money on the marketing budget, you just have to think twice and remember that the appearance would be detailed, and each little tiny aspect would plays it’s crucial role in selling the idea or property. If you are having a rendering that looks manually hand drawn, chances are the result will be completely opposite to what you wanted.

Architectural rendering is the most popular and flexible tool being used in the planning
and development of any building plans or interior spaces. There is wide variety of rendering techniques being used today that you have to kvell of and one of that is architectural rendering based on 3D technology.

Here are some uses or advantages on having a 3d architectural rendering for our building plans:

  • to advertise a far finished building structure or to visually provide clients a more realistic medium in presenting a design.

  • completely transform the way any building or structure is conceptualized, designed, presented and sold in the residential and commercial property development sectors.

  • the uncompromised quality, accuracy in fine details, and an ability to allow multiple vantage points to be ordered at attractive costs.

  • Anodyne to the eyes of prospective clients, investors and buyers, that they can visualize the architectural design and clearly envision what the building exterior or the interior space will look like.

  • to visualize structure in most realistic way before it’s built, making design and decorating choices extremely easier and more natural. You don’t have to be loquacious in presenting your plan, we know that a picture costs a thousand words, however not every picture can successfully compete in today’s visual communication environment and win your new client or design competition. Architectural rendering has to be ostentatious , consist of accurate details, realistic finishes, professional landscaping and background, as well as lighting and shadows.

  • an invaluable tool in the planning and design process. It enables developers to sell the concept to all the important decision makers, including planners, consultants and customers.

  • taking an aerial shot, eye level view or ground level photographic picture of existing conditions and show how your new structure or modifications simulated in 3D would look like as well as indicate material changes. These can be most effective tools for any of your marketing materials or for architectural review board presentations. It may slightly help you as the architect to express your preliminary concepts in a very schematic and it’s the most scrupulous way in presenting your design to your clients.

  • Architectural renderings done as 3D visualization are not that expensive these days. They are much more within reach then most of professional watercolor renderings. There’s been such an explosion of computer renderings and architectural virtual walk through tours in the current decade that we can only expect further steady growth in number of architectural firms and property developers deciding to immediately benefit from what’s architecture rendering industry has to offer today.

Developers, architects and designers wants to make their life much easier on every project.”

My Favorite 3D Animated Movie (Coming Soon)

ice-age3This is one of my favorite 3D animated film in my whole life. I saw the first two and part 3 is coming soon. It will be release next year, July 2009. The reason why I love this film is that you can learn a lot of things in their characters, you can feel the emotions and excitement. I can’t wait to watch it.. I love 3D animation.

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Top 10 Most Expensive 3D Animated Movies


Most Expensive 3D Animated Movies

10 – Sharks Tale:

Production Costs:         $75 Million (USD)
U.S. Box Office:            $161 Million  (USD)
Worldwide Box Office:  $363 Million (USD)

9 – The Wild :

Production Costs:         $80 Million (USD)
U.S. Box Office:            $37 Million  (USD)
Worldwide Box Office:  $87 Million (USD)

8 – Toy Story 2 :

Production Costs:         $90 Million (USD)
U.S. Box Office:            $246 Million  (USD)
Worldwide Box Office:  $486 Million (USD)

7 – The Incredibles :

Production Costs:        $92 Million (USD)
U.S. Box Office:            $261 Million  (USD)
Worldwide Box Office:  $631 Million (USD)

6 – Finding Nemo :

Production Costs:         $94 Million (USD)
U.S. Box Office:            $339 Million  (USD)
Worldwide Box Office:  $866 Million (USD)

5 – Treasure Planet :

Production Costs:        $100 Million (USD)
U.S. Box Office:           $38 Million  (USD)
Worldwide Box Office:  $91 Million (USD)

4 – Monsters Inc. :

Production Costs:        $115 Million (USD)
U.S. Box Office:           $256 Million  (USD)
Worldwide Box Office:  $525 Million (USD)

3 – Dinosaur :

Production Costs:       $128 Million (USD)
U.S. Box Office:           $138 Million  (USD)
Worldwide Box Office:  $356 Million (USD)

2 – Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Production Costs:        $137 Million (USD)
U.S. Box Office:           $32 Million  (USD)
Worldwide Box Office:  $85 Million (USD)

1- The Polar Express

Production Costs:         $170 Million (USD)
U.S. Box Office:            $173 Million  (USD)
Worldwide Box Office:  $297 Million (USD)


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Another 3D Animated Film Hit the Market (Bolt)

bolt_gallerylogoFor super-dog Bolt, every day is filled with adventure, danger and intrigue – at least until the cameras stop rolling. When the star of a hit TV show is accidentally shipped from his Hollywood soundstage to New York City, he begins his biggest adventure yet – a cross-country journey through the real world. Armed only with the delusions that all his amazing feats and powers are real, and with the help of two unlikely traveling companions CONTINUE>>

3D Animated Movie Really Works

madagascarDreamWorks Animation’s family comedy “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa” enjoyed a surfin’ safari to the top of the domestic boxoffice this weekend.

The Paramount-distributed animated sequel cruised to an estimated $63.5 million opening that significantly outdistanced prerelease projections. Its three-day haul outpaced even the four-day bow by the original “Madagascar,” which unspooled over the 2005 Memorial Day frame with $61 million.

Universal’s R-rated comedy “Role Models” finished second with a $19.3 million debut that also comfortably outpaced forecasts. Dimension Films’ R-rated comedy “Soul Men” — distributed by MGM and starring Samuel L. Jackson and the late Bernie Mac — bowed in sixth place with $5.6 million.

Disney’s leggy “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” took third place with $9.3 million and a 17-day cume of $75.7 million, while Universal’s Clint Eastwood-helmed “Changeling” was fourth in its second weekend of wide release with $7.3 million and a $20.6 million cume.

The Weinstein Co.’s R-rated comedy “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” was fifth, as its modest 35% sophomore-session dip produced $6.5 million on the frame and a $20.9 million cume. Freestyle’ s PG-13 horror entry “The Haunting of Molly Hartley” fell 36% from its opening grosses to $3.5 million in eighth place with a $10.2 million cume.

Outside the top 10, Warner Bros. held Guy Ritchie’s gangster film “RocknRolla” in a barely wide 826 locations for a second session, making off with $1 million for a $4.3 million cume. Read Full Article>>


Some works of Rotoscoping.. Simply the best.. 🙂



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